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1. Tutors are permitted to post one free tutor advertisement per month. Additional ads can be purchased through the Featured Tutor Option. Students looking for tutors can post more than one ad to find multiple tutors.

2. Featured tutors can submit one featured tutor advertisement per featured tutor fee in addition to one free tutor advertisement.

3. Your ad will show under All Subjects, and up to 3 additional Sort-by-Subject pages.

4. Mytutorlist.com reserves the right to refuse to post your ad or to remove your ad if we deem the content inappropriate, offensive, misleading, or for any other reason.

5. Mytutorlist.com reserves the right to change our rules and regulations at any time without prior warning.

6. Technological errors do occur. If you experience any problems, please contact us.

*** DISCLAIMER: Please note that tutors and students listed here have not been screened. Mytutorlist.com does not confirm nor deny the validity of the information associated with each tutor or student. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO CONDUCT ANY AND ALL BACKGROUND AND REFERENCE CHECKS. Mytutorlist.com will not be involved in any tutor-student interactions in any subject. Mytutorlist.com is not responsible for disputes, claims, loss, injury, or damage of ANY KIND that might arise during and after tutor-tutee interaction. ***
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