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Posted: November 27, 2017

Title: College Essay Help!

Location: New York

Content: I am a professional teacher of English literature, rhetoric and composition as well as an accomplished (and loved!) admissions consultant and life-coach. I offer a variety of academic and consulting services, but this time of year I specifically provide assistance with undergraduate college application essays to increase your chances of receiving competitive admissions offers from your target schools.

An excellent college essay is so much more than a response to the application prompt. A truly great essay must not only be flawless grammatically, but should be original, entertaining, and must reflect multiple appealing qualities in the writer. It may focus on a particular accomplishment or event, but should also demonstrate other desirable characteristics in the student, like resilience, dedication, compassion, innovation, or resourcefulness.

The essay should at once be a compelling and interesting story for the candidate but also a creative moral and spiritual portrait. It should be "condensed," but not in the sense of dense - there is an art to making a big impression with limited words, and an effective application essay demands this art.

With over seven years experience working in higher education and admissions consulting, I can help you produce an essay that is the best possible expression of your strengths and personality, tailored to your desired academic institution or program. A great essay:

-- should have a narrative arc
-- contain imagery or dialogue
-- reflect at least two separate positive qualities in the writer
-- be as clear as possible while reflecting the writer's natural voice
-- be original and distinct (avoid tired formulaic narratives)
-- show a strong sense of direction and dedication
-- include some higher level vocabulary or rhetorical moves
-- create a vivid picture of the writer as sincere, self-aware, and mature, among other things
-- avoid certain taboo subjects or other indicators that could create an unfair bias on an admissions committee

Please respond here for more information about the essay writing process, with questions regarding rates (sliding scale), or to request sample essays. Work can be done in person or online. Standard pricing $60/hour

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