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Posted: February 5, 2018

Title: Speak a better French

Location: New York

Content: Help students and adults feeling more confident about speaking french.
It is a discussion table dedicated to all the subject that you want to practice and also find yourself in a place where people do not mock you.

The major objective is to set goals with you and be able to reach them in a fair amount of times.
We invite you to explain us more what you are looking for exactly, so we can regroup people following their needs.

Diminishing your accent is not what we will be working on but pronunciation, listing and correct sentences are.
We rather help you understand what you are saying and showing you the best way to communicate than sit face to face with you as tutors+books.
We encourage you and make you feel comfortable.
Often people talk about immersion as the only way to improve and it is what we offer during our meetups.
Languages should not be the black sheep of all required qualifications, being able to speak another language is a beautiful gift that should be enjoyed.

If you are a professional whom aspire to grow and need to be basic to fluent in French or a student wanting to discuss a special school subject we welcome you to be a part of this meetup.

We need a certain amount of people to create a group but you can also enjoy a private French class if needed.

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