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Posted: February 5, 2018

Title: Private French all levels- basic Spanish Tutor

Location: New York

Content: During tutoring sessions, I specialize in helping students improve their grades in French:
- Grammar and spelling
- Comprehension and vocabulary
- Reading and speaking skills
- Writing and tests

During French classes, I help students learn French through an interactive, immersed experience :
- Listening and understanding spoken French
- Speaking, pronunciation, vocabulary building, conversation
- Grammar and writing
- Cultural outings
Private French Tutor - one year

I have always loved languages and was not able back in school to find a real reason to study them and become fluent, so my notes were average.
When I started to travel I was in complete immersion and I had to make efforts,
only then I realized how easy it was for me to remember vocabulary, grammatical forms, expressions.. I even became eager to speak and be able to communicate fluently.
This is what gave me the envy of sharing this experience.
A lot of English Canadian struggle with french and whatever they do , they are obligated to learn it at school. Unfortunately very few are able to speak it after high-school.
I started with random private lessons and I ended up having students telling me how easier french seemed when it was taught in a fun way. By the end of the year conversation tables were organized and very good grades were obtained by my students.

Flexible schedule+ Basic Spanish classes avalaible


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