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Posted: April 10, 2018

Title: Animation and Multimedia Courses in Bangalore

Location: Other

Content: Benefits of 3D Animation

Learning animation is of key importance for industries like film, architecture, gaming, healthcare, interior design etc. If are creative and want to turn your ideas into marvellous projects, then this field is meant for you. There are many benefits of pursuing Animation and Multimedia courses. In this blog, we have listed the top 7 benefits of 3D Animation.

1. 3D Animation is an evolution in visual technology. It engages the viewers with real-time images and is truly interactive.

2. 3D animation is realistic and helps in presenting technical information in clear and concise manner. By producing virtual images, 3D animation can be leveraged to reduces enormous photography and prototyping costs.

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3. With 3D models, several designs and styling options can be explored before finalizing the result.

4. 3D design software assists the designers in making product models as real as possible. This makes it very useful when it comes to product development. With 3D Animation aspects like packaging and quality control could be considered too.

5. 3D animation is cost effective as it helps in creating photorealistic models of various products and projects. Errors can be rectified on ground zero and crisis can be avoided. Both time and money are saved considerably with animation.

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6. Since it is easier and convenient to prepare 3D animation much before product development, functional designs can be generated quickly and presented to the clients.

7. 3D Animation offers a better exchange of ideas as it reduces the design confusion between clients and provides executable 3D solid models.

You can pursue your 3D Animation course with AECTL as their course is structured to show you how the world of computer graphics functions. The techniques taught by them as per industry standard, which give you an edge over others.

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