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Posted: April 19, 2017

Title: Elite Tutor for English - Writing, Critical Reading, Grammar

Location: Other, Other

Content: I am the president of an academic coaching company and lead instructor at a private learning center, and I have personally tutored more than 300 students - grades 4-12. I offer tutoring online or at-home in Bergen County.

I have helped my students master English for Reading and Writing to excel in standardized testing, classwork, public speaking and debate. I further assist my students with high school and college admissions as well as career planning.

My students have scored perfect or in the top 95th percentile of SAT, ACT, SAT II Literature, PARCC, SSAT & ISEE, earning them the pride of being admitted to their top choice institutions: tier one universities such as University of Pennsylvania, Vanderbilt, University of Michigan, Cornell, Wesleyan, NYU, Lehigh, Tufts, Brandeis, and many others as well as private/magnet high schools including Bergen Academies, Bergen Tech, Horace Mann, Regis Academy, Blair Academy, Academies at Englewood, Dwight Englewood and others.

As a national policy debate champion and coach, as well as published writer and competitor in spoken word poetry, I have trained students to win both public speaking and writing competitions, boosting their confidence and teaching them powerful communication skills essential for becoming true leaders.

I am very patient with my students and create a comfortable and supportive environment because I understand that teaching advanced language skills requires the right approach. Above all, my fun-loving personality and true joy of learning allow me to naturally and easily create a stimulating and highly interactive experience during lessons that makes my students excited to master English!

My students often tell me that my personality and ability to break down difficult concepts make me their favorite tutor! I am attentive and tailor my lessons to fit each student\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s unique needs and skill levels.


•SAT and ACT - English, Critical Reading, Essay
•SAT II Literature - Literary Analysis
•SSAT & ISEE - English, Analogies, Writing
•PARCC - Critical Reading, Essay, Short Responses
•High School Entrance Exams
•Grammar, Reading, and Writing for Grades 4-12
•English and History Classwork for Grades 4-12
•College Admissions Essays and Supplements
•Planning College Major and Career Path
•Mentoring to Start a Club, Organization or Business

My Accolades Include:

•President of Scholar Coach, Inc., a corporation assisting dozens of students in testing and coursework for English math and science, admissions, communication skills, debate, and personal leadership
•US House of Representatives Employee to former NJ Congressman
•Member of National Speech and Debate Association, a national honor society: formerly the National Forensics League; inducted in 1999
•National Policy Debate Champion
•Debate Coach to elite high schools throughout the US
•Published Poet since High School
•Winner of Poetry Competitions; stories about my performances published in newspapers

Investing in Education Matters:

The world is changing rapidly, and the right education is critical for your child to compete with advancing technology in an increasingly sophisticated labor market. However, both children and young adults require more than homework help to succeed; instead, genuine motivation, focus, organization, creativity, and most importantly - critical thinking and problem solving skills are essential in the future economy.

Therefore, I use all my talents and skillsets to provide the highest level academic service available. Working with me provides the confidence of learning from not only a highly successful instructor but also the president of a corporation that has grown organically through recommendations from happy students and parents.

By working with a truly well-rounded and capable instructor, students begin to think, analyze, and solve problems using the instructor\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s many tools and techniques, while learning the basics and fundamentals of their subjects much better - developing true understanding instead of using only memorization. This approach has worked at all age levels.

Other Information:

My hobbies are reading critical theory post 1965, practicing martial arts, and drawing. Also, I am fluent in Russian, and I love animals, especially my cat Luna.

Take Action Now:

As summer approaches quickly, there is no better time for us to start building a bright future, so please contact me to set up a meeting!

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