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Posted: April 21, 2017

Title: Retail Pharmacy Technician Program

Location: Philadelphia

Content: This ad is posted for those desiring to be in Healthcare, And are willing to learn all skills required to work as a Pharmacy Technician, Within a Pharmacy setting. I am a Certified Pharmacy Technician, With over 7 years Technician experience in the Retail/Independent Pharmacy settings, Throughout my career, always learning new things and working with great people, Allowed me to be happy and proud to be a part of the Healthcare industry. At this point and time I have decided to take on a new challenge, And offer an affordable, And concentrated learning course for anyone who is serious and wants to learn, And be a Pharmacy Technician without "BREAKING THE BANK". I would like to make aware and inform anyone reading this ad that there are a few schools/programs, Besides mine, That offer training for Pharmacy Technician, And I encourage all to research each one before making a choice, But what i want to tell you is that this choice to be a Pharmacy Technician should not cost anyone "THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS"!. And that is what most places "NOT ALL" but a good majority of schools will charge in the upwards of the thousand dollar range, And my experience through my own personal trail and errors and "SPENDING MY OWN MONEY" these schools do not offer enough for what you are paying for and its just not worth it, In the end your just left with a bunch of books and alot of the things taught in those books is never implemented/used on the actual job as a Pharmacy Technician, the result is landing your first Pharmacy Technician job in a crazy, fast paced enviornment, and not knowing what to do, and feeling overwhelmed, With my program, I have taliored each person training to be a Pharmacy Technician will be just that a "Pharmacy Technician" you will not just have the tite you will have hands on working knowledge, you will be in a lab setting that is replicates an actual job, My goal is to have anyone future students feel when they have completed their training as though they are making the transistion to another Pharmacy Technician "Job", Not the feeling of just leaving school and the anxiety of memorizing pressure and feeling they did not get there money worth. Just to tell you a bit of what i will teach you and what you should be prepared with, first you are not required to spend your money on any books materials, those things are not needed for you to learn and be good at Technician, I will be providing all learning supplies for you, Secondly you will be doing all hands on training just like when you work with a few quizzes hear and there I dont want to waste time when you can just do the job, you will be typing/dataentry counting/labeling medications, calling pharmacies/doctors, verifying writing copying prescriptions, doing outdates, practicing drug ordering procedures, basically everything I have done over the course of being a Pharmacy Technician you will be doing just that, If you want to learn other things like disease states and counseling that should be done for "FUN" and i dont want to teach you things that will not help you, I am not planning to overcrowd i will teach at a max of 4 people a day i would like to keep it at 2... but we will see as far as hours it is up to each person i set a time frame which is monday thru friday from 9am to 7pm each person can come as much or as little in each day, I would be pleased if you are able to do fulltime that would be great, weekends are avalible as well, you will not be bored as there is much to do it's job oriented not classroom style, you could always leave and hour or so for a break and return for the remainder that is okay my goal is to keep this experience fun and laid back, just don't be "LAZY" and if for whatever reason you can not come back for the day please let me know. I am going to wrap up this ad, just because I am not to sure how many people will read it.. We will see. All people interested in becoming a Pharmacy Technician please inquire through my email, from there I will go more into detail, and also as a thank you, You will recieve a "FREE" Pharmacy Technician learning course/kit along with the course outline to better help you in your decision, the learning kit will include your top 200 common drugs with brand and generics, some terms and dose forms and some Pharmacy Technician things, I hope to hear from all who are desiring to be future Pharm Tech's I thank you all and wish you the best of luck in the future, also feel free even if not interested to send an email if you have any questions about another type of schooling or just phamracy in general i will gladly answer for you thank you agian. to request your learning kit please email or have your learning kit mailed to you free just provide your shipping address. Thank you

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