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Posted: June 18, 2017


Location: New York

Content: Is the LSAT crushing your dreams of going to law school? Well, don't give up! LSAT Ninja to the rescue!

Hi! I'm Jay, the LSAT Ninja (177, 99th percentile). I know the LSAT inside and out. Throughout my teaching career, I have been repeatedly told by students and parents I have a natural ability to explain anything to anybody. If I had to say I had a gift, teaching would be it. If I know it, I can teach it. Since I know the LSAT, I can help you get your score to where you want it to be so that you can make law school a reality. I have years of teaching experience (as a certified teacher and tutor) that allows me to quickly assess your weaknesses and determine what is needed to get you to the next level. I have helped several of my past students get into a top school by increasing their LSAT scores.

Almost all of my past LSAT students took expensive LSAT courses (some more than one) without any significant increase in scores. The problem with these expensive courses is that the lessons are not tailored to individual student needs. It's a "one-size-fits-all" kind of deal, and this just doesn't work for most students. Tutoring with me will allow you to go at a pace that is BEST FOR YOU and it will allow you to focus on the skills YOU need to acquire.

If you would like to save yourself the headache and money of an expensive LSAT course, contact me to schedule your risk free trial session. This means that you only pay at the end of the session if you are fully satisfied with service. If you are not fully satisfied, you do not pay. What do you have to lose?

Don't delay. Contact Jay, The LSAT Ninja, today to schedule your free session.
I am an independent full-time tutor so I am available days, nights, and weekends. Serious inquiries only please.

$60 1 hour
$100 2 hours
Discount Packages available for multiple sessions (info provided at 1st session).
***From June 19-June 26 , free 1-hour session.***

The LSAT Ninja

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