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Posted: July 6, 2017

Title: Summer Online Study Skills AND Pre-Algebra Skills Review Programs!!

Location: Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Shreveport

Content: This summer through interactive online courses, students can learn that there is more to Study Skills than good note taking! Spend 1 interactive hour, 2 days/week-Tues. and Thurs.-to learn more pieces of the Study Skills puzzle to be a better student in school & beyond. Students will design a tool to help deter interrupted study time! 4-week class runs July 11-August 3. **Additional sessions will be offered through late August.**

Students can also review and learn foundational concepts you need before heading into Algebra I or Algebra II. Review will involve Pre-Algebra skills including signed numbers, factoring, equations, absolute value, integers, and slope to name a few.** FINAL 8-week program runs July 10-August 1. 1 interactive hour, 3 days a week-Mon., Wed., Frid.**

Student interactions will occur through the student use of slides, a microphone, and whiteboard tools to acquire skills confidently! No webcam needed.

For more details on BOTH programs, please visit

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