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Posted: July 9, 2017

Title: anatomy tutor offers online lessons

Location: South Korea, Other, Los Angeles

Content: You need help with learning anatomy? You are tired of memorizing boring and difficult facts that you do not understand? You feel stuck and you need boost of motivation urgently? Or you just want to learn how human body is designed?

I offer online lessons of anatomy and I will guide you on your way of learning, so that you will:
1. master the anatomical terminology and logic of medical terminology
2. distinguish more and less important facts
3. understand the relevance of anatomical details for the proper function of the body
4. discover how we can use knowledge of anatomy in everyday life
5. get an impression on importance of anatomy in clinical context

The lessons are totally individualized and interactive, and will depend on your goals and needs. The lessons are intended for anyone who wants to learn how human body is organized, whether it is to prepare for exam, to clarify difficult topics in anatomy, improve the foundation for other medical subjects, or just to discover the beauty and complexity of the human body.

Based on my own experience in studying, as well as more than 12 years of teaching experience in work with many different students at medical school, I also provide tips on how to improve your learning skills and how to make learning process more fun.

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